Lexy Owusu-Boahene, MD of LX HR Solutions on HR Need for Startup Companies

Lexy Owusu-Boahene is the Managing Director of LX HR Solutions, an award winning Int’l Human Resource Consultancy. She thrives on delivering results, ensuring the smooth running of the organisation and managing relationships between organisations’ leaders and their employees.

She finds herself in HR consultancy due to her love for people and passion to contribute to the reduction of unemployment in her country and Africa as a whole. Her company was adjudged the 2015 ‘Emerging African Business of the Year’ by the Aries International Global Awards in Lagos, Nigeria.

Shedding more light on their clientèle base, Lexy Owusu-Boahene indicates, they “work with CEOs, Directors, Managers, Stakeholders of Educational Institutions and Professional Organisations.” “We aim to engage, develop and retain employees for your business growth through the provision of optimal services in recruitment, HR strategy, training and development,” she added.

Our Business Leader educates young entrepreneurs on the need for HR management as an option for your company’s health and rapid growth.

What does Human Resource Management involve and what role does your agency play in this regard?

HRM essentially is a strategic function which focuses on the development of employees and aims to maximise employee’s performance in a work place. My company LX HR Solutions is a consultancy. It provides three core services for professional organisations and educational institutions. These services include training and development, HR consultancy and recruitment.

Why is HR important for young businesses?

HR is essential to any level of business; it is vital for young businesses to be open to HR, every business requires people and in order for the companies ‘people’ to be productive, they will require attention and nurturing.

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Share some HR tips with our African entrepreneurs.

  • Don’t ever think you can do without HR.
  • Encourage employee voice.
  • If you take care of your employees they will take care of your clients.
  • Enable a fun and friendly environment for your people.
  • Look out for potential and embrace experience over qualifications.

From experience, what are common challenges companies have to deal with for which your agency provides solutions?

One of the challenges globally and here in Ghana is the high numbers of unemployed graduates and the ones in employment by companies lack necessary basic skills to perform effectively in a role. We aim to create a world class graduate programme which will equip graduates with employability skills, soft skills and confidence to be successful in the workplace.

How did you find yourself in the HR service industry and what accounts as success for you?

I have always been passionate about people! I am an extrovert and love being around people. I enjoy organising people and meeting new people. In 2011, I created a networking society to support women to develop their professional and social skills through networking. The whole process of conception and implementation never seemed like a challenge. It was a couple of years after that I decide to do my Masters in HR Development and Consultancy at Birkbeck University of London. Shorty after that I relocated to Ghana and set up LX HR Solutions.

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What accounts for my success is that I spend less time talking and more time doing. A lot of entrepreneurs spend far too much time on social media and far too much time living a rich, successful and wealthy life without actually being wealthy.

What does being adjudged the ‘Emerging African Business’ mean for your brand?

‘Emerging African Business’ tells me that we are developing, we are evolving and that anything is possible. LX HR Solutions was only months old when we won The Emerging African Business Award for recruitment and networking in Lagos. It reminded me that all the risk that I took was not in vain and that all the impact I want to have in Africa will come to pass.

How do you foresee the future of your company and the HR industry of Africa?

One of our aims is to meet the unemployment of young people target of the Millennium Development Goals (now called Sustainable Development Goals) by 2020 with the support of private businesses and the government. We want to influence policy, create jobs and train competent individuals (on the continent) to have integrity and are effective leaders in their own communities.

What entrepreneurial lessons can you share with young African businesses?

Young entrepreneurs, listen up! Entrepreneurship can be a lonely place, you need the right mindset in order to sustain, embrace any support given, upscale yourself constantly, no matter what, never underestimate your ability and lastly, network, network and network!

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Read more about Lexy Owusu-Boahene.

Lexy Owusu-Boahene holds a Masters Degree in HR Development and Consultancy and has passion for Leadership, Diversity and Inclusion. In 2010, she founded a professional networking society popularly known as Divas on Demand, a platform aimed at uniting like-minded women in a professional environment to provide career development support, bridge the gap between professionals and organisations, and provide women with business opportunities, careers advice and personal development tools.

Through Divas on Demand, Lexy Owusu-Boahene has collaborated with leading UK-based professional organisations like O2 Think BiG, Museum of London, Channel 4, Barclays, etc. and hosted critically acclaimed events such as Careers in the UK (2011), Making it BiG in Business (2012), Emerging West Africa (2013), Diverse Women (2014) and most recently Careers in Ghana (2015). Lexy Owusu-Boahene has been nominated for several awards such as the Women4Africa Awards (Young Entrepreneur), the GUBA Awards (Charitable Work) and featured in many publications.

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