Like Entertainers, Entrepreneurs Should Use that Final Punchline in Marketing Engagements

“You don’t have the second chance,” we’re often told, “to make a good first impression.” I do agree. At least, to the extent that some eccentric philosophers and sociologist don’t find themselves arguing over this avowal in a town hall meeting on a warm Friday afternoon.

In such instance, the term ‘first impression’ could turn out to be the proverbial coat of many colours.

But then nobody appears, at least relatively speaking, to be talking about or paying much attention to the philosophy or concept of ‘last impression.’

Last impression, I have come to realize that, it’s often the last thing in the minds of most folks.

They are more concerned about the scent of their expensive perfume spreading as soon as they walked into a room than they are leaving the room, knowing that at the end, some dude or dudette finds the sweetest palm wine at the bottom pot of their engagement.

But some good comedians, film makers, writers, musicians, those who worth their salt, seem to know better; they know how to leave their audience with something more worthwhile to gossip about ‘at the end’. They know how to aggregate a juicy punchline at the end of their tales.

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I think as entrepreneurs, no matter the business we run, we must learn to be strategic and deliberate about stacking up our superior service experience and marketplace engagement towards a fine tipping edge of our pole of value chain proposition.

Let’s learn to cover our entire value proposition, from start to finish, with the blood of mind-blowing, unforgettable experience so that our tribe can be healed of any ailment of doubt or commoditization by the time they leave our crusade at the end.

Don’t heal them at the beginning and leave them sick at the end. What’s the point? Starting well is good, no doubt, but finishing with a loud bang is better!

Let your last impression always stand taller and sweeter above your first. When it comes to your last impression in your market space, be keen as mustard. Your first impression is what introduces you to your market, but it’s your last impression that earns you the next invitation and market loyalty.

So do very well to keep the door open by besting your punchline.

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