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Like Entertainers, Entrepreneurs Should Use that Final Punchline in Marketing Engagements

“You don’t have the second chance,” we’re often told, “to make a good first impression.” I do agree. At least, to the extent that some eccentric philosophers and sociologist don’t find themselves arguing over this avowal in a town hall meeting on a warm Friday afternoon.

In such instance, the term ‘first impression’ could turn out to be the proverbial coat of many colours.

But then nobody appears, at least relatively speaking, to be talking about or paying much attention to the philosophy or concept of ‘last impression.’

Last impression, I have come to realize that, it’s often the last thing in the minds of most folks.

They are more concerned about the scent of their expensive perfume spreading as soon as they walked into a room than they are leaving the room, knowing that at the end, some dude or dudette finds the sweetest palm wine at the bottom pot of their engagement.

But some good comedians, film makers, writers, musicians, those who worth their salt, seem to know better; they know how to leave their audience with something more worthwhile to gossip about ‘at the end’. They know how to aggregate a juicy punchline at the end of their tales.

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I think as entrepreneurs, no matter the business we run, we must learn to be strategic and deliberate about stacking up our superior service experience and marketplace engagement towards a fine tipping edge of our pole of value chain proposition.

Let’s learn to cover our entire value proposition, from start to finish, with the blood of mind-blowing, unforgettable experience so that our tribe can be healed of any ailment of doubt or commoditization by the time they leave our crusade at the end.

Don’t heal them at the beginning and leave them sick at the end. What’s the point? Starting well is good, no doubt, but finishing with a loud bang is better!

Let your last impression always stand taller and sweeter above your first. When it comes to your last impression in your market space, be keen as mustard. Your first impression is what introduces you to your market, but it’s your last impression that earns you the next invitation and market loyalty.

So do very well to keep the door open by besting your punchline.

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Source Beauty is pushing the boundaries of Egyptian e-commerce

Egyptian e-commerce

Egyptian e-commerce: the county’s digital drive has not yet gotten to the growth typically seen in European countries and North America. However, as businesses have started shifting online, customers are now following suit, resulting in the gradual development of the digital eco-system.

Innovation, such as digital marketing, is reinventing the consumers’ path to purchase. The Egyptian e-commerce market is expected to grow at a rate of 33% annually to approximately $3bn by 2022, according to Oxford Business Group.

Source Beauty and disruption

The increase in e-commerce comes from rising internet penetration rates, driven by connected and digitally savvy millennials. Several platforms, both locally and internationally, such as the direct-to-consumer beauty platform Source Beauty, have disrupted the beauty industry in the region to drive their growth by truly connecting with their customers.

By being aware of the changing consumer behaviour trends in the e-commerce landscape, service providers like Source Beauty are continually fostering customer engagement with a community they have created. The customer service team, along with the editorial and marketing teams, respond to each comment and direct message, making customers feel listened to.

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Lydia Schoonderbeek, the founder and CEO of Source Beauty, said:

Egypt has traditionally been a price-driven market. After devaluation and high inflation rates, people have become much more price sensitive. People are consuming less and are shifting away from imported products due to price, accessibility and inconsistency in supply. As a result, they’re looking for local alternatives.”

Egyptian e-commerce
Founder of Source Beauty, Lydia Schoonderbeek

In line with its digital transformation and financial inclusion agenda, the Egyptian government has set in place directives to raise the limit for electronic payments for individuals via mobile phones to EGP30,000 (USD1,905) per day, and EGP100,000 (USD6,350) per month, since March 2020. Traditionally, 70% of online purchases were cash on delivery, which has proven to be a major challenge to e-commerce growth throughout the region. This preference has changed to credit card payments, increasing to 30% from 16% due to the spread of Covid-19, but it remains to be seen whether purchasing behaviors will be affected in the long term.

The CEO of Source Beauty further added that, the company had seen substantial growth thanks to the COVID-19 global pandemic, with existing and new customers wanting to limit in-person beauty services and adhering to social distancing and mask-wearing requirements. Beauty customers, she says were changing spending habits, moving towards products that allow them to recreate the salon experience in their homes and protect them from the potential impact of an increasingly digital lifestyle. Finally, she believes they have seen customers prioritising skincare and haircare purchases over makeup.

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The question is, ‘Is anyone in Egypt going to buy beauty products online?’. Who thought people would buy books on the internet from a website called Amazon! Well, the answer seems to be YES. Consumer spending in Egypt on non-essential goods has reached EGP 3.90bn in 2020 and is set to reach 8.81bn in 2021, according to FitchSolution’s 2021 Report.

According to the Egyptian e-commerce beauty company, Source Beauty, it believes that the world is in an era where consumers are looking to associate with brands and not products, to make their beauty purchasing decisions and this is where homegrown brands like theirs will doubtlessly lead to economic growth in Egypt.

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