The Essence of Not Overly Feeding Your Team with Instructions

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Indubitably, parents play critical roles in the formation of a child’s beliefs and character. If parents do their jobs aright, the odds are that the child will grow up and make positive contributions to himself and to the system. However, the matrix of the preceding two sentences somehow engenders a situation where some parents continually feed their child with plethora of instructions until the child begins to suffer from mental kwashiorkor.


Don’t do this! Do this! If you don’t this, I will do this!” have become the instructional main courses that this child gets fed on a diurnal basis. Well, I’m not here to primarily converse with parents; but let’s just acquire the torch of the above behaviour and point it directly to business. Of course, the idea here is to reveal and address the error that goes on in several businesses ran by entrepreneurs today.

Most employees of several businesses go to work each day with a predominate goal in mind: How not to violate the instructions of the Oga (big man) at the top. They appraise their performances and effectiveness in the business by the quantity of instructions they obey.

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Just like those parents, that’s the main course that their bosses feed them with! Alas, when you ask these employees to communicate the core essence and vision of their organization, they either falter or they proclaim something utterly or fairly different. Yet, this situation has caused – and is still causing – serious growth problems in several businesses. Most entrepreneurs today can’t drive healthy, sustainable growth simply because they continue to stuff their team with heaps of instructions, while starving them of essence and visions.

As a matter of fact, the following is the prevailing scenario you find in most businesses:

Boss: I’ve to grow my business. Therefore, I need to always give out instructions to my employee to do this and that.

Employee: I’ve to obey my boss’s instructions so that I can receive my paycheck intact and don’t attract his punishment or reprimand.

Okay, now please don’t get me wrong. Instructions are important and they have their place in every enterprise or endeavor. They are or can be effective tools for getting things done, no argument. However, if your business must get ahead in sustainable ways, then you as an entrepreneur must learn not to just feed your team with instructions. Don’t hoard the essence, the vision and only dish out the instructions. When you always feed your employees with instructions, the truth is they may get so engrossed or used to wanting to obey instructions that they lose sight, passion or grip of the big picture.

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Growing a business requires that you constantly bring your team at par to the core purpose, drivers and vision that your business is anchored on. And doing this requires that you as the entrepreneur and boss constantly provide them with an aspirational environment for them to dream and grow.

Like I always say most the of times, driving a business to the top is not a sprint. If you want to work with robots, then fine! Go buy them, program all your instructions into them, and that’s it. But if you choose to work with humans – the ones with brains, minds and souls, then instructions alone won’t serve.

You need your team to help you transform your business vision and strategy into concrete reality. And you know what? Your team shouldn’t be treated like robots! They’re humans and they’ve got red blood trafficking through their veins. So rather than just feed them with unremitting instructions, start now to always feed them with essence, with visions. When you do that, you are not only setting your business up for strategic, long-term growth but you’re also raising healthy employees that truly think!

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