The 7 Cardinal Mistakes of Startups.

Statistics indicate that close to 8 start-ups out of 10 do not make it past their 5th anniversary. When you make a critical analysis of this, it simply means there are certain things these failed start-ups are unable to do. This book gives you what you need to know and avoid.

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Bernard Agyei Aryee, is a serial entrepreneur, who has started numerous businesses and had success with some and failed in others. He distils his lessons in what he titled this book The 7 Cardinal Mistakes of Startups.

The book identifies 7 cardinals mistakes under which comprise several minor problems startups have to deal with. This book is rich with experiences by the author himself. This is your ideal book to realize success for your small business.

Chapter 1 – When the Reason Goes Wrong.

Chapter 2 – When God is Taken Out.

Chapter 3 – Launching Too Early or Too Late.

Chapter 4 – Not Taking Branding Seriously.

Chapter 5 – When You Get Trapped with Money.

Chapter 6 – A Half-Hearted Effort.

Chapter 7 – Refusing To Ask For Help.

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