Promolante: Discover Promotions from Telcos

Promolante helps you save money on calls and data through the discovery of mobile network promotions and services.

The app saves you the trouble of knowing which promotions or services your telco is offering, which internet bundles are available on your network or other networks and which shortcode to use for activation or deactivation of a service. Once you find these shortcodes, internet bundles or offers, you can easily activate them right in the app.

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  • Total Access: You have all the offers of Telcos in Ghana at one place. In the app, you just need to select a network (MTN, Vodafone, Tigo, Airtel or Glo) and you have access to that network’s promotions, services, shortcodes and data bundles.
  • Intelligent Recommendations: No hassle, Promolante will intelligently tell you which offer on your network or which data bundle you should consider using.
  • Insight: You get to see a graphic summary every week of how many minutes you talked on phone and how much internet data you consumed.
  • Instant Subscribe: Subscribing or unsubscribing from a service, using a shortcode or activating a bundle is just a tap of a button.
  • Offline Access: You get to see and interact with all your favorite offers even when you are offline. Favorite offers are those you press to check out.

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