Ruka Sanusi Shares Top Tips on Setting Realistic Goals for Your Business

We embark on our entrepreneurial journeys to achieve various goals. These goals make us stay focused and do all that is necessary for dreams to become realities. But you need to appreciate the business environment you are operating in, therefore setting realistic goals become inevitable to avoid counting losses.

These top exciting tips by Ruka Sanusi will get you going on the right path. Make the best out of them.

Honestly, I am excited about 2015 in a manner that I have not been enthused nor galvanized about a new year. I am as energized as I am thrilled as I am optimistic and yet still practical about what the year will and may bring – and I say may because as humans we are mortal and somewhat limited in forecasting and foreseeing what may be.

Our role is to ensure that we not only wish, but that we do.

To determine that we not only dream, but to let our dreams set sail; and truly that we do not only hold on in faith but are also are full of works aligned to the hopes and dreams that we aspire to achieve in faith.

Setting Realistic Goals

And that is why I think it will be important for us as business leaders, business owners and entrepreneurs to set realistic goals for 2015. Goals that speak to the depth and breadth of our dreams and business aspirations, but goals and dreams that are reminiscent of the season that we are in as a business and/or as business leaders. Goals and dreams that will challenge us personally as a business leader, and goals and dreams that will require us to operate our businesses more transformatively so that the business can move swiftly and successfully to that next level of growth.

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For our goals must be practical. And they must be realistic. For if we set impractical and idealistic goals we will only be dismayed and frustrated. So, how do we set realistic business goals? Well, I would say start with documenting areas where your business needs more attention/is most challenged, and areas where you are enjoying relative success but would like to enjoy even greater success.

Overcoming Challenges In the Value Chain

With the first list of areas where your business needs more attention, document how you imagine the challenges could be overcome, practically and realistically within the resource and financial capability and/or potential of your business. I say potential because sometimes you may not yet have the financial or people resource needed to achieve a goal, but, you want to achieve that goal within the year. As such, securing savings or growing revenues, or seeking funding then becomes pertinent to achieving that goal. That is what makes the goals practical and realistic – for you have determined the conditions precedent to making them real and achievable.

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For the second item of enjoying greater success in two areas where you already have relative success, this is a much more difficult task than most would imagine for where we have already achieved success, often we feel we have mastered. However, the market place is dynamic, and where we have known success today should only be the stepping stone to greater success tomorrow and not a resting place – if we are to be aligned with and pay attention to the demands and vagaries of the market place.

Our businesses do not exist in a vacuum; they should be responses to the needs and wants of a particular segment of society.

As those needs and wants change, we must also alter how we service our clients to match that new demand and desire.

If growing your client base is one such goal, I would say start by seeking to understand how you can provide additional value added services to your existing core clientele. Those existing clients are your bedrock. They like what you do and how you do it. You in turn should have learnt a lot more about their additional needs and wants. The trick is to respond to these additional needs and wants in the manner that this loyal group desire it – and in that you have deepened services and goods. In that you have also set a practical and realistic goal.

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Lastly, lessons from Apple

I am excited about 2015, and I want it to be a year evidenced with business and personal success that I have not hitherto experienced. That places upon me two burdens – ensuring that I walk on a specific path of growth, and ensuring that the path, though it may be a steeplechase, it’s a path that is realistic and practicable to my potential. There is a reason why periodically Apple issues new versions of the iPhone. What was practicably possible for Apple is what they delivered in iPhone 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6. As times change, they adapt. We need to do likewise and minimise frustrations by setting realistic, practicable goals.

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