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Personal and business success in today’s competitive world rests inevitably a lot on branding. This book exposes you to the best principles and ethics you definitely need.

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Branding 360 brings to the fore the missing link between experts desire to simplify the subject matter – branding, and professionals quest to effectively put it into practice.

Branding 360 is indeed a simplified guide with foreword by award winning motivational speaker and life coach, Albert Mensah. Also endorsed by many experts and achievers like multiple award winner and Amazon best seller Myrlande E. Sauveur.

The practical definition this book gives to branding makes it one of a kind and your first point of call when branding is desired. In this book, you find that Efficiency and Feedback make vital instruments of branding. In this 21st century and beyond where social or alternative media has made the world much globally closer, one cannot just carry his/herself anyhow. This book gives you a guide to have a personal brand.

“THIS IS IT” Branding 360, for corporate institutions, small businesses and individual’s branding for direct results.


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