Simgazeti: Read the Latest Newspapers, Books, Articles and Magazines Across the World

Simgazeti or Sim Gazetii is a cross platfrom for reading Newspapers, Books, Magazines and Articles from various publishers and authors. Simgazeti is developed by Dau Technology LTD, the company with its HQ is in Tanzania.

The platform aims to provide best reading experience to its users while leveraging rich contents from various publishers and authors. We know until now that sharing of knowledge is a big problem in Africa and across the world. This platform is minimizing the gap between a reader and author. Moreover, Simgazeti also provides an opportunity for publishers and authors to sell their contents or publications to remote places which are hardly reached. It also provides an opportunity for authors and publishers to increase their revenue by wide market coverage.

Simgazeti for iOS devices which is available in App Store provides many types of payments for users across the globe. Through use of In App purchases, users around the world can access any publication available on the platform.
Simgazeti is also available in website form whereby users can purchase and download publication within the website.

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The downloaded publications can be accessed locally on users’ computers and read while offline.  Dau Technology LTD welcomes all authors, publishers around the world to join the cross platform and expand their reach around the world.

App Type:

Web & Mobile

Type of Industry:



  • For Tanzania, it supports mobile money such as TigoPesa, M-Pesa, Halopesa and Airtel Money, with more across Africa coming soon.
  • For international users, it offers in app purchases via iOS devices.
  • Offline reading, purchased/downloaded publication can be read offline, no need for internet while reading.
  • Advanced search engine called Mtojo whereby users can search for anything while using the Simgazeti. Searches such as By, Title, Author, Publishers, and other meta data.
  • Restore previous downloaded/purchased publication through Simgazeti, you can buy on Website and read on your mobile device (smartphone) or vice versa with a single purchase.
  • Simgazeti also offers ability to find job listings, tenders and auctions.

Sim Gazetti screenshots

Simulator Screen Shot 20 Mar 2017, 18.22.33
Simulator Screen Shot 20 Mar 2017, 18.23.57
Simulator Screen Shot 20 Mar 2017, 18.24.30
Simulator Screen Shot 20 Mar 2017, 18.24.48
Simulator Screen Shot 20 Mar 2017, 18.25.14
Simulator Screen Shot 20 Mar 2017, 18.25.53
Simulator Screen Shot 20 Mar 2017, 18.42.52
Simulator Screen Shot 20 Mar 2017, 18.50.03

Country of Origin:


Markets Usable:

Worldwide with condition.
*Android/Web – All users around the globe can access publications, however only users in Tanzania can purchase publications.

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