Sleekjob, the Academy Connecting Skilled Developers with Corporate Africa

Sleekjob led by Richard Brandt, aims to be the centre of excellence that feeds Africa’s corporate world with skilled software engineers necessary for growth of many businesses across the continent.

Sleekjob Academy seeks to train developers and create opportunities for them by way of either starting their own companies or connecting them with companies that need their services as interns, freelancers or full-time employees. Sleekjob can be located in the capital of Ghana, One Airport Square, 8th Floor, Airport City, Accra.

Our time with this techie CEO proved worthwhile as he discusses what they have for the corporate world, the opportunities that exist for aspiring developers and entrepreneurship in this short inspiring interview.

What is Sleekjob and why has your coming into the market at this time become very crucial?

Digital and mobile development skills have grown rapidly in importance over the past several years due to the proliferation of smartphones. But the changes have been so swift that skills and talented developers are not adequate for the market especially in Africa. Sleekjob as a talent accelerator, trains highly motivated young people from all backgrounds with skills in technology – such as web and mobile development, online marketing, e-commerce, design – and connects them to employers or freelance job opportunities.

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You carefully select developers and university graduates for training. Tell us why this is the case and what benefits do they derive from your academy?

We select highly motivated tertiary students because we believe that the process of turning someone into a high quality software developer all starts from the person’s determination. We select aspiring software developers — students and graduates from all backgrounds – who are determined to work hard. So we do not only select developers.

How does your Sleekjob academy transform a job seeking graduate to an employer?

Our training ( provides them with practical skills that will enable them launch their freelance careers or start their own tech companies. Also, during the program, they get opportunities to work on real clients projects and that offers them a lot of experience in project and client management.

Kindly share with us the competence of the trainers at Sleekjob?

Our trainers and mentors are high qualified software developers that had started their own tech startups in the past or have previously worked with reputable companies.

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Sleekjob Academy

Sleekjob Academy: Weekly Student Projects Reviews.

Sleekjob Academy

Sleekjob Academy: Teaching Fellow Working On Project With A Student.


Since your inception, can you share with us some of your success stories?

Mohammed Zakari – a Ghana Technology University College (GTUC) final year student. Zak is now a freelance Front-End Web Developer after completing our training program and Sleekjob has since connected him to multiple clients based in Ghana and the US for freelance projects.

Rachel Anane-Antwi  – A University of Energy and Natural Resources (UENR) student who runs her own Media and Photography Agency, Monarch Moments. Sleekjob trained Rachel in Web Development and Online Marketing.


How is Sleekjob coming to the rescue of corporate world in Africa and how do they get involved?

Sleekjob is providing young graduates with practical skills that the corporate world can employ to drive innovation and scale their businesses. They can get involved by requesting for developers, to take up our graduates for internships and job opportunities. Companies can also get involved by sponsoring our training program by way of CSR (Corporate Social Responsibilities).

What is your vision for Sleekjob in the next few years?

Sleekjob to become a center for excellence in the training of tech human resource to support African businesses in the creation of jobs and wealth.

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What will count as success for you as a young CEO?

To see a large number of our graduates using the skills gained in our training program to contribute to national development in both private and public sectors.

With hands-on experience, how do you advice startups manage co-founder conflicts?

Stay true to yourself and follow your passion.

What is your advice to aspiring tech startups in Africa?

Use technology to create scalable solutions that address real life problems to make life better for people.

Thank you, Richard!

For aspiring developers who want to benefit from the opportunities this startup company offers, register with their Sleekjob Academy or call (+233) 0205038911.

WATCH: Sleekjob Academy Student, Ibrahim from Ashesi University, Ghana.

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