Sleep: A Productive Tool is A Must for Every Entrepreneur

Jokes apart, as entrepreneurs we have got to learn how to pause, push the loads of work aside, and just sleep. There was one of those day that got really hectic for me, no doubt.

I started the day noticing I had some residual amount of sleep still hanging on the corridor of my lovely eyes. I ignored it.

I started the day anyways. Did a quick bank run. Followed up on my team and business partner concerning some needfuls for the launch of a new training product.

We got that cleared, dusted and ready to shoot. Worked on some vital deadline documents to send to some corporate prospects and clients for a job proposition and an invitation to host a top CEO on one of our platforms.

Goodness, that got completed and sent. Called their office desks to inform them of delivery. Responded to mails and had good discussions with very interesting and beautiful people online that would be needing my firm’s business development and support services.

But by 3:25 p.m. I had begun experiencing some brain load, feeling really, really sleepy.

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Paused work.

Shut down my laptop and had a lunch.

As you guessed right, I placed my phone on silent mode, then went back home to get myself some good 1 hour, 30 minutes sleep. I woke up and felt very reinvigorated. Noticed many notifications on messages to respond to. Read them and responded, had a good shower and headed out to supervise a soon-to-be released campaign material for ‪#‎TheIncubatorsCONNECT‬ with a team member.

By 7:00 p.m. that evening I did a 2-hour online business coaching/strategy exercise with a paid client living in far away Enugu, South East, Nigeria. That took me to 9 p.m. or maybe 10, then relaxed to watch a movie and finally grabbed that long awaited sleep.

Okay entrepreneurs, here’s the meat. Sleep is good, veeeery good. I tell you, sleep is the best thing since slice bread was ever invented by God himself. Don’t mind people who tell you otherwise. I think where the problem lies in the permutations. Anyway, my point is, sleep is sweet.

I mean, the productive one. So let’s learn to carry it along as we travel ahead and build great enterprises. “I don’t joke with my sleep,” like the ladies would say…and the guys too.

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