SnooCODE: The Unique Location Code Generator for Everyone

SnooCODE is the flagship solution of tinyDAVID. A fit for purpose addressing system, SnooCODE app provides a private and unique location code as a secure and precise address for individuals and businesses across the developing world.

A SnooCODE is a 6 or 7-digit alphanumeric code that resembles a UK post code or a US Zip Code except over 200 times more precise.

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  • The SnooCODE app is extremely light and once downloaded, can work without an internet connection, sim or cellular signal.
  • Once generated for a specific location, the SnooCODE can be used as an address and be shared with confidence. Because the underlying geolocation technology has multiple redundancies in the forms of the GPS, GLONAS, COMPAS and soon Galileo satellite systems, it is as accurate an address as one can have and they are not locked down to one system.
  • The SnooCODE system was designed with different demographics in mind: it is simple to use and requires only a very basic level of literacy.
  • The only requirement to use a SnooCODE is a knowledge of the alphabets A-Z and numbers 1-9. This means children, people with a very basic education, locals or foreigners with little knowledge of English and disabled users using sign language can quickly and efficiently indicate locations.
  • A person without a smartphone can have a SnooCODE generated for them and keep it either on their door or written down somewhere, then proceed to use it to receive mail or call an ambulance.
  • Integration with other software and systems is possible.
  • The technology is adaptable to suit different environments (e.g. optimized for flats, houses or townships).
  • SnooCODE app has built-in extensions to give accuracy down to an average of 22 cm (50cm max) for higher accuracy applications and there is room for expansion for even greater accuracy if the need arises.
  • SnooCODE app technology can work anywhere in the world but has been conceived and developed for Ghana first.

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Ghana – Global version to be launched in 2017

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