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Sparkle Partners Network Int’l for Virtual and Physical Payment Cards


The mobile-first digital ecosystem, Sparkle, that offers lifestyle, financial and business support services to Nigerians worldwide partners with Network International, a leading enabler of digital commerce in Africa and Middle East, to power its payment card offering.

The company’s new virtual and plastic debit cards are aimed at Small and Medium-scale Enterprises and upwardly mobile, unbanked consumers across Africa’s most populous nation. This move is sure to bring clients the flexibility, convenience, security and safety of cashless payments across various channels.


These cards will enable the customers of Sparkle make in-app purchases and also pay for m-commerce and e-commerce transactions.

Sparkle was founded by Uzoma Dozie, an entrepreneur, technology trailblazer and financial inclusion advocate, who has the mission of helping his fellow Nigerians meet their financial and lifestyle needs.

The collaboration with Network International is based on a shared commitment to further the acceptance of digital payments among emerging markets across Africa and the Middle East.

Joining forces with one of the largest payment company offers Uzoma’s venture access to Network International’s years of experience and expertise in creating card solutions for emerging markets.

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Sparkle is sure to gain from their new partner’s advanced digital infrastructure and robust security protocols, thereby able to avoid the need to invest in expensive card management infrastructure.

According to a statement released to the press on this the new partnership, Uzoma Dozie, said,

“Digital adoption and customer experience is going to be dependent on the people, platform and partnership.”

Continuing that, the payment processing and data insights arena, is what Network International does brings to Sparkle, and they are truly excited about the future of this partnership and what it means for the enablement and transformational impact for Nigerians anywhere in the world, who are always connected to the Sparkle platform.


Andrew Key, Managing Director – Africa, Network International on his part, expressed delight in being able to strengthen their strategic alliance with Sparkle as the company attempts to further disrupt the payments offering to consumers and retailers in Nigeria.

He concludes that, a strong foundation built over two decades comes with some level of experience within the payments and deep insight of the African market. They look forward to deploying a trusted platform and best-in-class technology towards supporting digital and financial inclusion of most Nigerian consumers and businesses altogether.

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Womenpreneur Digital Hub to Promote Digital Skills & More for MENA Women

Womenpreneur Digital Hub

The Entrepreneurship Academy of the SANAD Fund for MSME and Womenpreneur Initiative have once again teamed up to champion women’s economic equality in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA). In March 2021, the partners launched the Womenpreneur Digital Hub, an online knowledge and resource-sharing platform that aims to expand women’s access to skills-building tools in a time when lockdowns and economic contraction have disproportionately impacted female employment in the region.

The coronavirus crisis has forced many women out of the workplace through a constellation of factors: Economically, it has taken a particularly heavy toll on sectors where women are overrepresented, such as retail, care, and food service. School and daycare closures have added further pressure, with many households placing the responsibility for at-home schooling and childcare solely upon women. As a result, although women in MENA comprise only a quarter of the region’s total workforce, they account for over half of COVID-related job losses.

The Womenpreneur Digital Hub aims to help women regain their economic footing through a three-fold approach. First, online training will be offered free of charge for hub members to hone skills that empower them on the job market, such as financial knowledge, digital literacy, and business management. High-profile speakers will provide insights into current industry trends and tips on accessing career opportunities. Second, the hub will connect users for mutual information and support, experience exchange, and valuable network-building. In this way, the platform intends to accelerate the third factor, which is to open up potential employment paths for those whose careers have been upended by the crisis.

Womenpreneur Digital Hub

Ines Ebrecht, Chairperson of the SANAD Technical Assistance Facility which runs the SANAD Entrepreneurship Academy, said: “Women’s employment is not only a social justice issue, it is also an economic one. Women’s ability to participate in the workforce not only provides them with financial stability and freedom on an individual level, it also enables an economy to fully open the tap on creativity, entrepreneurship, productivity, and income generation. The SANAD Entrepreneurship Academy is glad to once again join with Womenpreneur Initiative to advance gender parity as a key to prosperity in the Middle East and North Africa.”

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Womenpreneur CEO and founder Sana Afouaiz said: “The pandemic provoked a major setback in gender equality and threatens to walk back decades of progress. Yet we can also pivot to grasp the opportunities. As the world entered into lockdown, the transition to online work has created a growing demand for digital jobs. The Womenpreneur Digital Hub is targeted toward equipping women to future-proof their skills and give them valuable knowledge for the employment market. Our aim is to ensure that every woman and girl in MENA has access to the tools that will help her realize her full economic potential.”

Sign up for the hub at:

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