How to Stay Motivated at Work

In the business world, we tend to forget that people are just people. Behind the hustle-and-bustle of keeping the cogs of the world turning, we all have dreams we want to see materialize and goals we want to reach. From the janitor to the CEO, or the Receptionist to the Manager, life can be adventurously challenging.

More so for some than others. And every now and again – infact, I should say every single day – taking a moment to encourage ourselves literally gives us the courage to face our fears, meet our challenges head-on and slay the dragons that threaten to derail our dreams. Sound a little over-dramatic? Maybe. But there are professional people all around the world right now bravely fighting to build and live their dreams whilst facing loss, bankruptcy, divorce, bereavement, illness, hospitalization of a loved one, fear, heart-break, bullying and all sorts of enemies of success.

It is for these people that I wrote this post.

“People often say that motivation doesn’t last. Well, neither does bathing – that’s why we recommend it daily.”
Zig Ziglar

As a business owner myself, and a life success coach, I know this will resonate with some of you. The truth is I hope many of you are winning and scaling the heights of your dreams. But in reality, I know that life can have its ebbs and flows. Wherever you are, I hope this post brings you some encouragement to carry on pursuing excellence and living your best life. If you know anyone who needs to read this, please feel free to share it.

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Words of Encouragement

Do all you do with a pure heart. There’s no pillow as soft as a clear conscience. When all is said and done, integrity is not proving to others that you’re doing the right thing but proving to yourself that you value your values and stand by your principles. There is nothing to prove to anyone; except The Divine and yourself.

Speak your truth gently but firmly and respectfully. Sometimes it will cost you. But the price you pay for being true to you is worth it. Be at peace with yourself; past and present. Decisions you make from a heart at peace will serve you better than those you make from a heart in turmoil.

Meekness is not weakness; but timidity can be. So define your boundaries and make them clear. Work on your confidence and posture of authority. You are in charge of your destiny and people will treat you how you let them.

Love yourself first so you can love others without resenting them. If you give more than you have, you place others in debt and make yourself poor.

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Give generously where you can and preferably where it’s needed. Your time and resources are too precious for frivolity. Seed sown in unprepared ground will yield no harvest. Choose wisely where you sow.

Pray for those who hurt you, persecute you or lie about you. It heals your own soul. Be kind to others for indeed you never know the battles they are facing in the recesses of their hearts. In kindness we give others the strength to leap and wings to fly above their odds. We all need help on the journey to our dreams.

Be open to what life brings your way, but balance it with wisdom for not everything life offers is for you. Let your yes be “yes” and your no be “no”. Anything more is not necessary.

Pursue your purpose with diligence. It could be as simple as cooking dinner for your children, calling your clients or caring for a loved one. 100% of your best is greater than 10% of what you know you’re capable of.

Do all you can with what you have. After you’ve done all you can; stand back and let life unfold as it should.

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