Sylvester Phish, Discusses Business and Ghana Branding Summit

The brand expert, Mr Sylvester Phish, a reputable offshore Senior Marine Engineer and C.E.O. of Generic 7 Consult, tells more of his company, entrepreneurship and his periodic branding event: Ghana Branding Summit.

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Can you introduce Generic 7 Consult to us?

Generic 7 Consult is a brands advisory and management firm duly registered under the companies code of Ghana. It is strongly founded on the belief and vision to be the first brand management firm to lead, innovate and pioneer new knowledge and trends within the field of branding and inspire Ghanaian companies to take a closer look at how we understand brands and how best we can apply new approaches to the field of branding.

The original services that Generic 7 Consult is offering corporate Ghana ranges from corporate brand re-positioning , customer service branding, oil field service branding and the quarterly corporate signature product event, Ghana Branding Summit.

What birthed Generic 7 Consult?

As the CEO of Generic 7 Consult, the vision and the values of the firm are very important in executing our brand promise and vision; we strongly believe the future of corporate Ghana in Africa lies within the field of branding our businesses to meet up with international standards in terms of brand design and packaging thus executing our brand promises. Generic 7 Consult was birthed out of a belief in our own mental capacity to manage and push the brand corporate Ghana to compete internationally in Africa and the world.

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Which industries are you most influential in and why?

Generic 7 Consult is functional in the banking industry, oil and gas industry and service. Predominantly banking because we understood how some banking consumers were made to feel in some instances as if the banks were doing them a favour when it pertains to customer related issues. Sometimes, consumers closed their bank accounts only to open new ones because they did not want to associate anymore with the bank’s brand promise which they find to be misleading when real life scenarios pop up.

Generic 7 Consult realized out of our data analytics that more knowledge and insight about keeping brand promises should be made available to these banks in order to avoid sales issues and accounts closure. This applies to the other industries as mentioned above. Generic 7 Consult is resilient in solving real brand related business problems within corporate Ghana .

Generic 7 Consult is preparing towards its 3rd Edition of the Ghana Branding Summit. How has the journey been so far?

The journey has been very innovative since its inception from the beginning of the year. We are very ready once again to bring new thought provoking topics, data and expertise to tackle sales through better branding. The previous editions of the Ghana Branding Summit had massive participation from corporate and media coverage from Joy FM, Citi FM, Starr FM, Daily Graphic, et al .

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We are poised and ready as we have other corporate bodies partnering Ghana Branding Summit to boost their corporate image at the main summit. It takes off on October 30th, Holiday Inn Hotel, Accra-Airport, 6.30pm. Official Guest of Honour is Prince Kofi Amoabeng-CEO, UT BANK and chairman of UT Holdings Ltd. Keynote Speaker: Kenneth Edem Ashigbey MD- GRAPHIC Communications.

What can patrons expect at the summit?

The Ghana Branding Summit brings together bankers, CEOs and investors together every 3 months thus cementing its reputation as a must attend event for top corporate leaders. Expectation is high as patrons should expect new industry standards, trends, new innovations and approaches into how we must tackle sales through better branding. It promises to be even more interactive and highly engaging during the Q&A session. Additionally, it will promote more business networking sessions creating a new kind of business fraternity for corporate Ghana.

What would you describe as the key ethic to success as an entrepreneur?

As an entrepreneur, the key ethics to succeed is embedded in a set of values that are fundamental. This include integrity, financial discipline, respect, technical leadership and the innovative mindset entrepreneurs must develop along the business life cycle.

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In your opinion, what ways are Ghanaian businesses challenged in comparison to other African countries and how does branding affect those challenges?

In my opinion, I strongly believe and know that one of the major challenge for Ghanaian businesses comparatively is technical skill-set vis-a-vis innovation. Some product brands can do well in a Ghanaian market only but may face stiff competition when put on the international market. We can solve this challenge through better branding which requires higher skills set and innovation. This is because, successful strong brands such as Pepsi or Mercedes Benz are not automatic success stories.

They are strong and successful brands because they have been deliberately and psychologically positioned well within the minds of consumers over time thus they have gained brand equity. That is the main solution Ghana Branding Summit is bringing to corporate Ghana so that we can compete better on the international market.

What is your vision for Generic 7 Consult in a decade’s time?

My vision for the next decade for Generic 7 Consult is to become the preferred brands management firm of choice of multinational companies in the whole of Africa providing advisory and line of sight for transnational companies.

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