How-To Onboard New Hires in Just 10 Steps

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A great induction experience for your New Hires, will definitely help them settle in, and avoid workplace issues in the […]

10 Tips for Eliminating Employees Time-Waste by HIREghana (pt.2)

Con’d from pt.1 So kindly ask yourself, what are you really doing or not doing, that is allowing or encouraging […]

10 Guidelines for Setting up an HR Function or Department in Your Startup Business

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Eyitayo OGUNMOLA, Managing Partner of PM Hub, with Mission to Improve the Competence of Young Africans

Eyitayo Ogunmola is the Managing Partner of PM Hub LLC. A human development enthusiast and one with the mission to develop […]


Lexy Owusu-Boahene, MD of LX HR Solutions on HR Need for Startup Companies

Lexy Owusu-Boahene is the Managing Director of LX HR Solutions, an award winning Int’l Human Resource Consultancy. She thrives on delivering […]

The Essence of Not Overly Feeding Your Team with Instructions

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Indubitably, parents play critical roles in the formation of a child’s beliefs and character. If parents do their jobs aright, […]

8 Differences Between ‘Entrepreneurs’ and ‘Employees’

Are you an entrepreneur? If you answered “no” because you don’t own a business, know this: Being an entrepreneur doesn’t […]

How School Killed Your Chances to Create Wealth

WARNING: Read with an open mind. Education is good, but school is obsolete. Outdated things don’t produce good results. One of […]

How Your Business Can Survive Tough Times? Lessons from Mo Issa

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