THE NEXT CHAPTER: Kwaku David At TEDxAccra 2015

At the maiden edition of TEDxAccra event held in Accra – Ghana, dubbed ‘THE NEXT CHAPTER’ on April 11 2015, one of Africa’s inspiring personalities Kwaku David Sakyi delivered a captivative talk on how far Africa has come and how prepared she is to make her presence felt in the next chapter of her development. He was kind enough to share the synopsis of his presentation with The Spirited Hub.


At any point in time, when we are reading a novel, we are often caught up and engaged, intrigued and fascinated by the moments. The actions and reactions of our different characters, in the play, the mixed of things. Right in those moments we are engrossed. But the better a book is, the better the story is, the more exciting the novel is, we are filled with anticipation of what is coming next. We can’t wait to flip the pages, of the book that we read. And so, we come to the end of a chapter filled with anticipation and passion we wonder what is in the next chapter. And so I like to say that as good as the last chapter was, depending on who you are, we want to see a more intriguing, more exciting next chapter.

image next chapter

Siamese crocodiles Symbol of democracy and unity. The crocodiles share one stomach, so neither of them survives without the other. A reminder that infighting and tribalism is harmful to all.

‘Funtum fum Na fum, denkyem fum na fum; wo didi bom, ensu enam se, 3dwein nid3 wo min mu twitwi enti, wo fum’

image next chapter

No one should bite the other. Symbol of peace and harmony. This symbol cautions against provocation and strife. The image is based on two fishes biting each other’s  tails.

This is an adinkra symbol which comes from our roots as Ghanaians, Africans. It describes to us our values as a people ensconced in little art pieces. This adinkra symbol simply means, four different crocodiles joined at the belly. Common interest is that we will all be fed, sustained and nourished by whatever mouth the food comes through. However, there is a problem, there are four mouths; who should we choose to eat. May be we can take it in turns or may be we can decide that I don’t need a turn as long as I get filled. Unfortunately what turns to happen more is that, because food tastes so good, and the better the food is the more the struggle to be the one to eat the food. This is what this symbol is about. Greed comes about as a result of putting personal interest ahead of common interest. The last chapter of Ghana and Africa has being riddled with incidents of personal interest over common interest. And so we discovered gold, bauxite, oil and so on and so forth, but unfortunately things do not go that way. We seem to have lost this virtue engraved in our roots.

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And so comes, ‘Obi Nka Obi’. This refers to the concept of fairness and justice. Again, in the last chapter we tend to find many chapter of cases where people’s rights have been trampled upon, treated unfairly and so on and so forth. History is replete with incidence of justice and unfairness. Whether it’s gender rights, basic human rights, labour rights, etc, the stronger seems to be lording it over the weaker vessels. ‘Obi Nka Obi’ simply means I should treat you as I would want to be treated. image next chapter

On the back of that, we have ‘Asempa Ye Tia’, as you can see it there, that simply says, the truth is brief. This is talking about honesty. And basically if we are an honest people, when you are asked a question, there is not a lot of explanation. As long as you try to explain a lot of things, then we begin to question how truthful are you being; How much truth are you really sharing?’ Asempa ye tia’. How do these all tie into our next chapter, how do they mix in with Technology, Entertainment and Design.

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TECHNOLOGY                   ENTERTAINMENT                    DESIGN

At any point in time we find ourselves looking at the need to industrialize, the need to advance in technology, the need to create and start developing technology and systems and all of that. These three core values, reducing greed, that is putting common interest ahead of personal interest, reducing injustice, that is being fair to all men, especially, the one next to you. And then raising the standard of honesty. These three stand tall amongst other values that will drive us into the future for the next chapter to be an even more exciting one, more intriguing where the story develops and Africa becomes a global power. And we find ourselves robbing shoulders truthfully; sitting at the table of great men. Where America can sit next to Africa and feel proud that this is my brother. Where Europe can sit next to Africa and we don’t get look down upon because we’ve truly come of age.

SELFISHNESS                     INJUSTICE                     DISHONESTY

The embrace of fairness and justice, honesty and selflessness, will take us further in development than where we are. This is not about governments, it’s about me, it’s about you. How do you deal with the next person to you? That is The Next Chapter.

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By Kwaku David Sakyi  Speaker | Entrepreneur | Minister | Life Coach | Photographer  @Kwaku_David

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