The Reason John D. Rockefeller Became Wealthy at an Early Age

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This is about growth. It’s a watering hole for people who are interested in growing businesses and the principles of faith in business. I like to say this site is for the anointed and diligent. John D. Rockefeller fits that bill too well. I love his story because it is an example of what God can do in the business of a man who will let Him.

I have read numerous accounts of the success of Standard Oil. One common theme historians have noticed is that Standard’s success doesn’t make sense. It almost seems like everything kept falling into place regardless of what came against John D. Rockefeller.

He wrote to his partner, “We must ever remember we are refining oil for the poor man and he must have it cheap and good.”

According to this article, Thomas Sowell said:

“Rockefeller profoundly changed the lives of millions of working people. Too many discussions of large fortunes attribute them to “greed” — as if wanting a lot of money is enough to cause other people to hand it over to you. What increased the wealth of society was Rockefeller’s cheap kerosene that added hundreds of hours of light to people’s lives annually.He made a fortune by revolutionizing the petroleum industry. Although we still measure petroleum in barrels, it is actually shipped in railroad tank cars, in ocean-going tankers and in tanker trucks.

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That is a legacy of John D. Rockefeller, who saw that shipping oil in barrels was not as economical as shipping whole railroad tank cars full of oil, eliminating all the labor that had to go into shipping the same amount of oil in numerous individual barrels. That was just one of his cost-cutting innovations. If there was a better way to extract, process and ship petroleum products— or more products that could be made from petroleum— Rockefeller was on top of it.

Before he came along, gasoline was considered a useless by-product that petroleum refineries often simply dumped into the nearest river. But Rockefeller decided to use it as a fuel in the refining process, which made it valuable, even before automobiles came along.”

How can this help you grow your business?

Effort and hard work are not enough. People can brag about their success but deep down they know they cannot take full credit for the circumstances that led them to the right people or the right places. Without God’s grace John D. Rockefeller would have failed miserably.

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Innovation is providing more value than anyone else.  Rockefeller’s competitors  thought he was in the oil business. Rockefeller said his business was to “light the world”.

Care about people. John D. started giving money to charity and his church in his teens. He even paid for a black slave be freed in a time when racism was very prevalent in the United States. In addition to this, he really cared about his customers and employees.

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