TransGov: Track and Monitor Progress of All Government Projects in Your Community

TransGov app collects, analyzes, archives and disseminates user-friendly data on the state of developmental projects and service delivery in Ghana.

TransGov app employs a web platform, a mobile application, SMS and Interactive Voice Response Technologies to increase citizen engagement with government by making this information available and encouraging their participation in the decision making processes in their local communities. Ghanaian citizens are able to track and monitor the progress of projects, air their views and engage with their local assembly members. The Interactive Voice Response Technology is also used to reach marginalized groups that are mostly non-literate.

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Web & Mobile

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  • Citizens can browse a host of government’s developmental projects, such as schools, hospitals and roads, their dates of commencement, the budget allocated, geo-location and other relevant information.
  • A section for citizens to report faults related to water usage and electricity usage on the mobile app. Citizens can monitor progress on the complaints made.
  • The web platform also allows citizens to read stories and news related to governance.
  • Users can chat with the TransGov team too.
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