Valuable Digital Marketing Tips for Businesses in 2017

The festive season is very near, for some people it has already started and the excitement is as expected high. For many business owners, okay wait, for all business owners this is great as they know it’s that to cash in as much as possible. The retail industry is already advertising Christmas specials and everybody is chanting “Sale, Save!”

It is a time we can now all run specials and use the excitement of the consumer. That is not a problem but as a digital marketing implementing company, have you prepared your marketing and advertising for 2017? Have you kept yourself up to date with the emerging trends and improvements on what is working now for next year?

I am not trying to burst anyone’s bubble but if we’re being realistic, for many business to customer companies, January (janu”worry”) and February (February “worry”) are bad months for sales unless you have back to school specials. So what can you do to keep up the sales and continuously grow your brand and business? The answer is visual content marketing, not just text but pictures (photos, graphic design & memes) and especially video content.

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Instagram, Snapchat and YouTube are existing prove for a lot of forward thinking brands. The attention graph towards great pictures and videos is rapidly increasing hence we have Instagram stories now. These platforms present an opportunity to tell your story and stay trending online, not to mention that especially YouTube are great for your organic search engine optimization, so filmmakers, this must be great news for you.  Now I know you’re asking yourself what kind of videos or pictures should you use to remain relevant and grabbing your audience’s attention, so I have decided to briefly talk about what you need and how to go about making compelling videos and using attention grabbing pictures in this piece.

Gary Vaynerchuck says “don’t create, document!” The first time I heard this I was shell shocked at how great this sounded or looked in my head. So to just speak more on what I understand from what he says. Here’s a scenario:

You are a mechanic and just fixed a car problem for a client that seemed really stressed bringing in the car, now you are done with the car and it’s as good as new upon calling the client to come for the car, you can use your smartphone and capture the moment where the client is happy and approves that you’ve done a great job.

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You can use that video as a testimonial, all the client had to do is collect the car. You can upload this video on social media; be it Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram stories and YouTube or one of your social media pages. This will serve also as a persuasive advert because of it’s authenticity.

But too much advertising does get annoying eventually so, you can get your clients to upload pictures and videos using your company #hashtag and mentioning company name, so this will make your business not only trend on social media but also increase your organic ranking on search engines.

This is one of the many ways to use visual content that will trend in 2017, not just for mechanics. So if this is something you would like to do, by all means do it and good luck!

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