Waakye Locator: Find the Best Waakye Joints and Share the Experience

Waakye Locator is a social food location service that enables users to find the best Waakye (waaché) joints anywhere and share their Waakye experience with friends. Waakye Locator is a product of Origgin, one of Ghana’s biggest technology companies.

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  • Finding Waakye – the app allows users to easily find the best waakye joints nearest to them without going through the stress of combing through the streets of Accra in search of their favorite meal.
  • Stream feature – the app allows you to stream live to family and friends as well as other users on the app as you enjoy your favorite waakye from the nearest joint.
  • Review feature – waakye locator gives users the opportunity to review the experiences of other users of the app as well as include theirs to encourage more patronage as well as provide developers with the needed feedback to improve on the app to render the best and most efficient food location app in Ghana.
  • Token feature – users generate a token per their location and receive Waakye Locator souvenirs.

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