Waiting is Not A Factor of Production

Waiting is not a factor of production. I know your business idea is worth millions of Dollars or Naira. So what? I know your vision is so gigantic that it can cause a tsunami. So what?

I know you think you have to have one or more credentials hanging on your wall before you kick start that dream of yours. Seriously?

But wait a minute, what if I told you that you’re wrong all along.

What if I told you that waiting for human validation before launching that idea is a sign of lack of confidence. Would you still wait?

What if I told you that the certificate you pursued to acquire is not evidence of your readiness. Would you still wait?

What if I told you that your waiting to be ready may only produce 101 ways why it can’t be done. Would you still wait?

What if I told you that ideas don’t wait, they fly to those who are courageous enough to use them. Would you still wait?

Stop waiting, start doing!

You’re amazingly unstoppable!

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Emeka Nwarulor

Emeka Nwarulor is a personal brand strategist, brand consultant, speaker and author. He works with individuals and organizations to build an exceptional personal and business brand, both online and offline. He is the Author, of the book, “Stand Out or Get Lost: A practical guide to establishing a strong personal brand.” He is the Convener of Nigerpreneur Youth Conference for aspiring and existing entrepreneurs and the host of Personal Branding Masterclass for authors, speakers, professionals and creative entrepreneurs.

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