WaraCake: An Aunt’s Cake Got Messed Up in Traffic and that Birthed the Company

Good luck and fortune befalls those who consume cakes as it’s widely believed across societies and that is what WaraCake which means “Come and buy cake” in the Yoruba language affords its clients.

Olatunde Ayilara, the founder of WaraCake, shares importantly an unfortunate incident that forced him to start his cake delivery business in Nigeria which is why he admits, he is an “accidental entrepreneur.” He went on to work with an e-commerce company to sharpen his skills and knowledge to invest in his own idea. Already, his business is creating jobs for university students by simply delivering cakes in a system they call WaraBuddy.

Interesting facts about Olatunde, as he relates are, “I’m indoors 96% of the day as long as there’s food and Wifi. I love seeing people around me grow and I do not believe our society limits our potentials.”

Out of his busy schedules, Olatunde found time to tell The Spirited Hub more about what is his first startup company and entrepreneurship in general. We all love cake, let’s enjoy time with the cake man.

What is WaraCake and when did you come into the market?

WaraCake is a 5-hour cake & gift items delivery service for Africa. We enable anyone from anywhere in the world show their loved ones they do care. We launched in stealth mode mid-october 2014. The sister company WaraGifts.com is set to launch later 2017.

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In the face of obvious competition, why should cake lovers pay attention to your brand?

We have numerous designs because we aggregate products from different vendors. This accounts for our competitive pricing as opposed to other vendors. We are able to give you ‘quality’ within your budget. We also offer an unbeatable same day delivery service in Lagos, Abuja and Port Harcourt.

What are the factors you think will make WaraCake a giant in the marketplace?

One major factor is pricing.  We have worked over the years to stay as competitive as possible. We currently offer one of the lowest delivery charge in Lagos. We are able to achieve this as we have created a system called WaraBuddy which enables anyone in Nigeria to monetize their free time by delivering cakes.

What is it about cakes that pushed you to start your company?

I love cakes and I once had a pretty bad experience delivering a cake to a loved one. The idea is to create a system to help several other people order cakes seamlessly.

Who are your target consumers and how do they order your sumptuous cakes?

Pretty much busy professionals and corporate organizations are our target consumers. They order via www.waracake.com or call/whatsapp 08146274960.

Tell us a bit about the variety of cakes you produce?

We can produce virtually any type of cake but we get orders for majority of the time butter cream cakes.

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Your WaraBuddy offers opportunity for people to earn income. Tell us more…

WaraBuddy enables individuals mostly university students, to use their free time to deliver cakes and get paid for it. They simply sign up via www.waracake.com/warabuddy. They then join a private group which would enable them start receiving delivery schedules available.

How did you become an entrepreneur and how has it been rewarding?

It was based on a personal experience. I also worked for 3 months at an e-commerce company. This exposed me to the startup scenario and I was able to garner some skills needed to launch my business. Entrepreneurship has been a doze of the highs and lows. Seeing people smile due to our service delivery keeps me going.

Take us back to how you started this business.

I tried to get a cake for my aunt and I sort of rumpled it in traffic. She loved the cake but it could have arrived at a more presentable condition. The university was on strike at the time, so after resumption, I created a pilot project with a couple of friends which has grown to pivot into WaraCake today!

In all honesty, how do you measure the success of your business?

It’s largely based on the number of sales we are able to deliver and how much margins we are retaining.

What are some of the challenges you face running this company?

The major one at the moment is cracking the right marketing channel and doubling down on it.

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Why should any investor consider putting money in WaraCake?

The business has grown to become self-sustainable and presently employs 6 staffs. All these have been achieved with close to zero investment.

What future do you envision for your company?

We want to expand to other territories. We are already working on launching internationally in some countries.

Share with us the best advise you’ve ever received, that is working for you.

‘Just start’. Olufunbi Falayi of Passion Incubator was a huge proponent of launching an MVP.  This has been working till date as we started the business with close to zero capital and focused on growth hacking.

Thank you, Olatunde!

Just like Olatunde, you can turn around unpleasant situations into smart business solutions. Order your cakes from anywhere in the world and get them delivered. Visit www.waracake.com and join the #Warabuddy scheme to earn some income.

What lessons have you picked from this inspiring African startup founder? Share your thoughts.


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