You Need Obstacles to Succeed with These 9 Definitions

How one defines and perceives obstacles, is exactly how it manifests itself. Scientific research on toads and ants leaves an intriguing and amazing insight to the positive potency definition one gives to OBSTACLES.

Recently it was recorded that an army of ants were found floating on water after turbulent rains. Meaning they saw their obstacles as means of transportation and they did that by staying together (creation of ant raft).

They are the same kind of insects that save food during sunshine because they know there is another season of cold incoming. That same sunshine that brings famine (obstacles) to certain parts of the world, that is the same time the ants save or store food.

The toad is known to be one amphibian that can adjust to new conditions (obstacles). When it rains heavily, it is able to adapt to its dynamics and float so it does not drown. Is it not one reason we believe it is meant for water? When the sun is hot and things are drying up, this same toad goes deep into the soil to seek shelter whiles others may hay. When this same frog is put in a glass of water under mild heat (obstacles) it still adopts and adjust.(Source:

So how do you define O.B.S.T.A.C.L.E.S?

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1. O- Overcomeable.

How our mindset is formulated about failure makes all the difference. When you are strong-willed in times of challenges, it becomes an overcoming step. Many people have survived circumstances that others died trying. Many have survived situations where all means to save it have failed, such people will tell you they hoped even in their coma. So what do you hope for in times of challenges? See your O in obstacles as an Overcomeable situation, it is a catalyst of hope for the better.

2. B- Believe is key.

Having believe in something increases its potentials and possibilities. Do you believe you are born with gifts or talents? Amazingly, our Strength-Weakness-Opportunities- Threats (SWOT) is evidence of our uniqueness which has no carbon copy. Until you believe in the gifts you are hardwired with, you cannot enhance, cultivate and multiply it. One must Deploy his or her Evoked, Evolved and Mastering(DEEM) potentials. Believe is a key that unlocks potentials, every padlock 🔒 has a unique key🔑. So believe in the key (potentials) you are to the oBstacles in your life.

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3. S-Stay focused.

This is not just the state of “ball-watching” the situation or challenge. This is the moment when you are resolute in your motivation to the struggles and challenges you face in pursuit of your desires. If your pursuit is not challenging enough to require you to stay focused then it is not worth a celebration. It is so easy to lose focus just as it is easy not to be celebrated. In times of obStacles, stay focused on what is possible as well as the end result. Every woman gets motivated to give birth because she is pregnant with not the challenges and discomfort that encapsulates pregnancy. So in life just like pregnancy, you can choose to stay focused on the pain and lose sight of the end product or you stay focused on the end product by enduring the obStacles of your aspirations.

4. T-Tarring is for a moment.

There is no record in history, that, the sun shined so heavy, it never went to sleep. There is no record, night staying so long that there was never day. There is no record that it rained non-stop from 1st January through to 31st December. This means that our obsTacles are not perpetual. Tarring is time-bound and one must be awakened to this reality, so not to miss the season of one’s breakthrough. Waiting is an act or action, while patience is a virtue. It is about what you do whiles in the state of waiting. Women are told to push during the pains to have their babies. Give much reverence to time, manage your time judiciously, it is one way to understand tarring is for a moment in our obsTacles.

5. A-Acquire the experience.

We live in a fast changing world where knowledge becomes obsolete in no time. But what is amazing is, there is nothing new under the sun. Experiences have always been the magic wand in many instances even where and when it appears new. We must learn to acquire the experiences our obstAcles bring, so we can identify it when it plays out in another form. In best practices, people of experience are assembled anytime there is an obstacle confronting a nation, a group of people or business. What is so intriguing is that, in such moments qualifications are not considered. Don’t be imprisoned by your qualifications, pay attention to your experiences so you don’t lose sight of the very important ones. Be reminded that in every obstAcle there is an experience to acquire.

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6. C-Challenge the status quo.

The best the world has ever seen, came as a result of people choosing to live above the ordinary. Your legacy is the change agent of the history you are. If the status quo of gravity was not challenged we wouldn’t have had aeroplanes flying today. If the status quo of computer connectivity was not challenged there wouldn’t have been anything like Internet. In your obstacles lie the momentum to challenge the status quo. One cannot bend history if he/she is not malleable. Water meanders its way when it hits an obstacle, it doesn’t get static. Always be reminded of this obvious truth that in our obstaCles lies the propensity to challenge the status quo. Going the extra mile births extraordinary things.

7. L-Leave clues for the next generation.

The onus lies on us to leave clues for the next generation in times of obstacles. Can we all imagine the world if various scientists, engineers, etc. failed to leave clues of their exploits? Some are dying with their potentials because in the face and phases of obstacles they missed the potency of the letter “L”. If there is nothing to leave behind for next generation, then the obstacles you are seeing are fake. The phone, tablet and computer on which you are reading this piece is as the result of clues others left behind when they came face to face with obstacles in phases. What then is your excuse?

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8. E-Enjoy your toils.

In the fortitude of gratitude lies abundance. No achievement is too small worthy of celebration, they form as bases or inspiration to proceed in our challenging times. It reminds us of what we have survived when situations rise up. It is so easy to be engrossed in our misery of obstacles to even forget to celebrate the fact that we have life. What is so interesting is that some wish for the magnitude of the very same obstacles we face and brood over. Remember, your obstaclEs have enjoyment, so refocus and redefine your obstacles.

9. S-Success is relative.

We are mostly disappointed in the face of our obstacles because of our measure and definition of success. Success is a continuous process measured with season and resources in mind. Because Usain Bolts makes the news during athletic tournaments, should the high jumper deem him or herself unsuccessful? The best of the world always have coaches whom we hardly know, should they wish they were the ones be hailed? Our obstacles remind us of how unique we are with its corresponding success. Our hand✋ comes with varied length and sizes of fingers. Until you lose one, you wouldn’t appreciate its presence. Remember, in our obstacleS lies the relativity of our definition and perception of success.

I believe that by now you have redefined how O.B.S.T.A.C.L.E.S mean to you. Now we are awakened to the new dimension of obstacles to mean more than a blockade or hindrance. The finest and expensive diamond survived all the obstacles to reach that height.

I believe in you and believe in your potentials. In your testimonials lie the test you survived.

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Author: Scofray Nana Yaw Yeboah is a gifted dynamic transformational coach and public speaker in the following areas mentoring, leadership training, branding (personal & corporate and rebranding), women empowerment, Pan-Africanism, relationship and communication training. He is the author Branding 360.

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