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6 Excuses Holding You From Starting Your Business Idea

Excuses for not taking action abound. Some people won’t and don’t enjoy their employment. The simple reason is that the job may be paying for the rent, the car and the dresses or clothes etc. but your soul is not into it – if it were, you wouldn’t need to drag yourself to it or call in sick for no real authentic reason.

Well, I think it’s about time we have that little chat about that idea you have always had on your mind, right? Yes, the one you’ve tried so hard to find all the excuses for not starting. Hey! The good news is all your excuses have run out now. Haven’t they?

Here are some all too common excuses people pile up that prevent them from starting out their ideas.

1. I don’t have the time or space.

I see! Well you see, nobody has the time – but it is possible to make the time. Many of the huge companies of repute we know started from lunch break inputs or a few hours after work. How about those 3 extra hours a day you can squeeze out of your sleep, TV, gossiping, Facebooking, WhatsApping, etc? It all adds up you know? And who says you need an office? You have a veranda or living room or kitchen to work in and that’s enough.

Go ask Bill Gates of Microsoft, he worked in a garage where a car was already parked. So think about what space he actually had to turn an idea into a billion dollar a year empire. Sit under a tree even if you can’t find a space or better still, sit at work after work and use the time you would have spent in traffic wisely. Am just saying!

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2. I haven’t done this before.

And who says you should have done it before? You think God made a mistake by overlooking 7.3 billion people in the world, to drop an idea in your mind? Or are you saying He doesn’t know what He is about? Am just asking, because it seems that’s what you are saying! See, the fact that you haven’t done it before means you even approach it with more creativity. If you know too much, chances are you will ask too many questions that will kill the idea before you even start.

3. “They” say this idea won’t work.

Yeah! ‘They’ are very right – it won’t work for ‘Them.’ That’s because it’s not their idea. Yeah ‘they’ are right – it won’t work for them; because an idea, simply sitting in your brain, doesn’t work for everybody to see until you make it happen. So when ‘they’ say it won’t work, ‘they’ are not saying it’s not a good idea, “they” are only saying “Please hurry up and bring it to life” – ‘they’ simply have a problem with their choice of words that’s all.

4. I don’t have the technical expertise.

Well, Henry Ford who founded Ford Motor Company and worth $199 Billion as at 2013 knew nothing about cars. That’s why you were given an idea, not an employment contract to be the sole employee on the idea. Gather as much information as you can about the industry in which your idea will sell, learn about similar products, then hire people to work on bits and parts of the idea one at a time.

Try registering free on or – there are millions of freelancers out there who can work for you remotely, at about ONLY 5% of the cost you would have incurred to employ them full time. Yes! You heard me. They can build apps, make video advertisements for you, design complex products or packaging, etc – pretty much anything you want done and if you want something manufactured, try You see, your problem is that you think the whole world is in your country – get out of your box I beg!

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5. What if I fail?

And who told you failing is an evil thing? Of course you will fail in some areas or on the whole project, but if you learn a lesson from it, it doesn’t make it failure anymore – it’s now ‘experience’ – it moves you to the next phase as a better person. And besides do you recognize that if you are afraid of failing, you have automatically also feared ‘winning?’

Oh and here’s my piece of advice – Read a book on successful people in the area of your idea who have gone ahead of you. They may just show you the big areas not to fail in, otherwise, it would be foolish to fail where others have failed and written freely on. Am just saying! Failure is not failure – it really is just another name for classroom.

6. You know I don’t have the money.

Yes I do! I also know, if you are mindful about getting all the money at once before you start, then you will never start. How about saving money monthly and working in bits? Working in bits even ensures that you focus your energies on small digestible components of your idea at a time. How about saving some money by delaying the buying of that new car, handbag, holiday, designer shoe or suit – you know if your idea becomes a big hit, you can buy as many of these things as you wish, right?

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How about talking to that family member who has the money under their pillow but not the idea to leverage their money with? Or are you so greedy, you want to keep all the profits and are happy for the idea to die, rather than share your profits from its manifestation? If by all means you have an excellent idea and need the bulk funds, then talk to a bank or even my finance guru friend Evron R. Hughes – just remember he is a Black Jew, so you’ve gotta be dead serious before to go see him.

So, now that I have helped you exhaust all your excuses – Tell us: why won’t you start working this year, on that business or social idea you have had for as old as you were born. Tell us now!

In this year – make a mark on the world. The world is big enough. Make your mark on it. Or like we say in Ghana, DO SOMETHING BEFORE YOU DIE!!! Kill your excuses.

entrepreneur Author: Marricke Kofi Gane, a Ghanaian Certified Chartered Accountant, Entrepreneur and an International Development Specialist. He is also a published author and a technology and economics enthusiast. A well renowned public speaker, he is well noted for deep insights into future business trends and challenging the status quo of Africa’s politics.

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How Entrepreneurs Can Spot Opportunities In COVID-19 Pandemic?

opportunities in covid-19

Notwithstanding the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic, entrepreneurs need to confront another reality: that it isn’t just a gigantic clean and wellbeing crisis influencing millions, or even billions, of individuals across the world. This is likewise inciting an extraordinary plunge in the worldwide economy. But there are opportunities in covid-19 crisis.

The public authority, general wellbeing and financial reactions are immensely extraordinary on the off chance that you are a business person. As business originators, you will likewise require totally different activity designs set up contingent upon your area and industry.

On the off chance that you are in web-based shopping, food conveyance, video gaming or video conferencing ventures, where the business is as of now blasting, it’s a totally unexpected picture in comparison to in the event that you are maintaining a business in the lodging, café, retail, amusement, or sports enterprises.

Those entrepreneurs in COVID affected areas should be prepared to lose half to 80% of their turnover, just as a significant part of their market esteem.

opportunities in covid-19
Spotting opportunities in covi-19

Where would entrepreneurs be able to discover opportunities in covid-19?

Opportunities in covid-19 are all over — entrepreneurs need to realize how to remember them to hold onto them.

Prior to diving into market research, ask yourself this inquiry first: “What do individuals need during a wellbeing and monetary crisis?” The main pieces of information are in the words “wellbeing” and “financial.” Then ask yourself, “What aptitudes do I have? What aptitudes do I need or need to learn?”

To begin revealing the requirements of the market, go on the web! There are such countless extraordinary instruments accessible to help check what the market needs. Yet, continue with alert. We actually don’t have an away from of what the enduring effects of the pandemic and monetary aftermath will be, yet entrepreneurs can begin little and scale as they see accomplishment in their new specialty.

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Here is a snappy rundown of where to contemplate the market to reveal opportunities in covid-19 pandemic:

  • Google Search Trends
  • News Reports
  • Economic Reports
  • Climate Reports
  • Health Reports
  • International Trade Deals
  • Emerging Global Markets
  • Technology Acceleration and Innovation
  • Local Government Resources and Grants

Seeing how organizations and governments move can serve to ensure you actually and monetarily as we as a whole explore unknown waters. Likewise, with any venture opportunity, entrepreneurs should have enough monetary assets to develop while controlling the outpourings and boosting their inflows of income to endure.

As we see today, any business that gives an answer for help keep the lives of the populace running while they stay in segregation is a demonstrated plan of action that works.

Here is a fast rundown, in no specific request, of the top items and administrations where cash is at present streaming:

  • Masks, Personal Protective Equipment, Hand Sanitizers, Temperature Devices, etc.
  • Home Essentials and Improvement
  • Hospitals, Medical Laboratories, Pharmacy
  • Home and Food Delivery Services
  • Grocery Stores, Tech/Office Product Retail
  • Blogging, Influencer and Digital Marketing
  • Online Education and Virtual Services
  • Website Design, Coding, Software as a service (SaaS)
  • Curriculum Design,Professional Writing, Editing,
  • Logistics and Transportation Companies
  • Trash Collection, Laundry Services, Landscaping
  • Hardware Stores
  • Security Services
  • Utility Services
  • Janitorial, Cleaning and Disinfecting Services
  • Pet Products and Services
  • Home Beauty
  • Entertainment and Gaming
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An opportunity to search for opportunities in covid-19 is currently. With any additional time, a business visionary can chip away at reconstructing a site, make new frameworks, converse with clients, overhaul hardware and make new item contributions. Another proposal is to exploit distant work. It is more secure, more profitable and can accompany more pay and more noteworthy way of life adaptability.

Each crisis is an opportunity

Remember that the absolute generally troublesome or fascinating organizations have been made and took off during seasons of crisis.

It is in every case great business practice to tune in to what your clients need to reveal opportunities from inside a current business. Entrepreneurs who effectively study the market will have a preferred position in taking advantage of lucky breaks in the steadily changing scene of our economy.

opportunities in covid-19
The numbers can be scary but there are opportunities in covid-19

After the COVID-19 crisis the exercises to learn are:

More restricted travel of products and individuals, eminently business explorers (more far off working and far off gatherings) because of the effect of physical removing necessities. We should factor in future clean emergencies or even new battles because of worldwide congestion.

The possible development in “dematerialization” of items and administrations: for instance, we could observer a blast in 3D printers to create covers and ventilators in every nation.

Greater readiness incorporate dynamic: for instance, we’ve seen organizations like Apple changing their activities essentially overnight to configuration, produce and boat face shields for medical specialists.

The ease item sourcing model, where China and India are the world’s producers, will be finished. Globalization too. This crisis will change the connections among nations and states: introducing new difficulties, new stakes, new perils, new dangers (wellbeing and atmosphere).

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Governments should, and will, request to be free and self-ruling concerning basic medical supplies and medicines. We can figure out how Korea, Singapore, and Taiwan have quickly contained COVID-19, however, their populaces are prepared to acknowledge individual following and facial acknowledgment innovations which are not yet worthy in different social orders (a lot of Europe for example). A world less open and, presumably, less free is not out of the ordinary.

With virus control prone to continue in numerous pieces of the globe, we’ll see without a doubt better approaches for life delivering new necessities, which will thus make new opportunities for entrepreneurs. Some new plans of action, new proposals around dematerialization, should be imagined.

In the coming years, the new lord of the world will be the “Amazon of dematerialization”. Also, it will be the entrepreneurs who will execute this new world.

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Rahul Raghuwanshi is an SEO specialist and SEO Content Writer at Special Oilfield Services. Special Oilfield Services is one of the leading oil and gas industry maintenance and solution provider based in Oman, UAE.

We provide optimal drilling and completion, vibration monitoring and analysis, mechanical and reliability asset management, chemical solutions, and drilling and completion services along with reliability and asset integrity services, to oil and gas in all over the globe. With our latest and most advanced techniques we deliver best results to our customers. For more information visit our official website

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