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Welcome to The Spirited Hub (TSH), a website dedicated to providing online resources for people starting and growing businesses and to all who have great ideas and need inspiration to achieve them.

You have the privilege of getting experts’ and experienced entrepreneurs’ insights from various sectors of the business world to tackle the pressing issues at the heart of entrepreneurs. These insights are on various subjects matters there are to know from planning, starting, growing and sustaining successful businesses in Africa. Starting a business in Africa demands a clearer understanding of the terrain and one needs to master the system to his/her advantage.

the spirited hub

Continuously, we will bring you useful content of inspiring Africans who are going against all odds to pursue their dreams of transforming their societies through implementation of their creative ideas.


Our vision is to become the go to entrepreneurship resource provider for African startup founders and small business owners.


Inspiring and equipping startups/entrepreneurs by providing well tailored resourceful content in ensuring capacity to overcome their entrepreneurial challenges and accelerate growth.


• To make available doable and practical information, tips, advice and strategies necessary for startups, which are tailored to suit the local environment

. Highlight entrepreneurial activities that inspire you.

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