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Contractors Wanted @ Sharperly Concierge


Sharperly Concierge is an On-Demand home service company that handles exclusive laundry, cleaning services and other services. Sharperly Concierge provides an affordable, fast and effective solution to securing reliable specialty services like assistants to help clients manage everyday needs. Sharperly Concierge connects clients with expertise that can deliver the job.

Job Title:


Job Description:

We are looking for service people who offer services like cleaning services, hairstylists, plumbers, electricians, barbers, errand and delivery people, makeup people, massages and spas and other services that can be offered at home, on-demand.

How to Apply:


You can visit Sharperly Concierge site:

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Driver Wanted for Immediate Employment

A company in Accra wants a qualified driver to employ in its organization.

Job Type:


Educational Requirement:

  • Certificate

Work Experience:

  • 3-5 relevant experience

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