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Entrepreneurship Defined

In the 21st century, entrepreneurship has been trumpeted so loud that one cannot get enough of this revolution. Are we not witnesses to its significance that almost whatever the average person today clamours for is engineered by the process of entrepreneurship.

The latest modes of communication and food consumption, advanced means of transportation and learning and lots more are by the ingenuity of individuals motivated to make life easier than before.

First thing to note is that entrepreneurship is individualistic. The individual is at the centre of attraction when considering this field and what makes him or her stands out is the extra ordinary ability to effect change positively where it seems unimaginable.  Consider all the top Change Makers you have ever heard of and quiz yourself if by ease one could just have attained the heights reached by them. For this reason there continues the debate of whether entrepreneurship is in-born or anybody can be trained.

It originated from the French word “entreprendre” meaning to “undertake.” Evidently all entrepreneurs are enterprisers who conceive ideas  (which are not all the time superb) and mould them into spectacular products and services whose processes are not easily comprehensible on the face value. Entrepreneurs carry the WOW! factor with them. The power of entrepreneurship improves lives and makes its adopters some “superhumans” whose success principles are “laws” followed by many who aspire to attain such acmes.

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Entrepreneurship was defined by a Harvard prof. Howard Stephenson as the “pursuit of opportunity without regard to resources currently controlled.” Here the definition points out the identification of an opportunity, pursuing it without necessarily considering whether you possess both human and material capitals to take advantage of it. This is what distinguishes an entrepreneur from a business manager.

If you are animated to pursue entrepreneurship, these are certain fundamental questions you should ask yourself daily:

1. Are you cut for this experience?
2. Have you got self belief?
3. Can you deal with repeated failures?
4. Got the expertise needed for the business, if not, ready to learn?
These are just a few to muse.

Ultimately, entrepreneurship is about identifying an opportunity, making a business sense out of it by starting up, succeeding in it and having a positive impact in the life of a fellow human being. So take a step and pave the way for others to follow your footprints. It’s pleasant seeing the number of Africans taking the bold decision into entrepreneurship.

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How to Gain Self-confidence as a Professional Trader

Confidence is one of the key ingredients which will allow you to trade the market like a pro trader. If you wish to build your career in the investment world, we strongly recommend that you learn to take the trades with strong confidence. It might take a while to get used to the overall concept of trading but once you become good at analyzing the market data, you can build your confidence level. But developing your skill in the retail trading industry is not that easy. You have to follow some specific rules and only then you can expect to become a full-time trader.
In this article, we are going to give you some advanced tips which will allow you to trade the market with a high level of precision. Once you become good at following the tips mentioned in this article, you will never struggle in the ETF trading industry.

Forget about the past trades

The novice traders get biased with the losing trades. They keep on monitoring the market and repent of their mistakes. On the contrary, the professional traders take smart steps and without any repentance, they look for the next trade signals. If you wish to develop yourself as a professional trader, we strongly recommend that you forget about your past trades. You can’t undo your past. Instead, look for the next trade signals strategically and try to find the solutions to this market.

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Trade with long term goals

You must take the trades in the market with long-term goals. Without setting up long-term goals in the investment business, it is very hard to stay tuned with the market changes. View the website of Saxo and learn about the importance of having strong determination in the trading business. Unless you are determined with your actions, you will keep on losing money most of the time. So, follow a conservative way and systematically take the trades. Once you become good at evaluating the key direction of the market, you can easily change your life.

Analyze the high impact news

Learning about fundamental analysis will improve your decision-making skills to a great extent. Very few traders in the retail trading industry have the skills to evaluate the fundamental data in the market. If you want to survive in the retail market, you must learn to take your trades systematically. Forget the fact that you are know everything about this market. See how the news data changes the course of the trend. As you become skilled in analyzing high-impact news, you will slowly learn to take the trades with strong confidence. This will also make you a better trader and let you systematically trade this market.

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Create a trading routine

To build strong confidence in the trading profession, you should trade the market with a balanced trading routine. Unless you take your trades with a proper trading routine, it will be really hard to bring any positive change to your trading system. As a trader, you might be thinking that you know every bit of detail. But this is not all true. In your trading routine, you must define all the basic rules. If you don’t trade the market with predefined rules, it will be a big challenge to make bring changes to your trading system. Follow the basic rules and trade the market with long-term goals.

Trade with low risk

You should always trade the market with low risk. Once you start taking the trades with managed risk, it will become an easy task to develop self-confidence. The majority of novice traders don’t have the strong skills to deal with the complex market. Usually, they aggressively take the trades and they lose a significant portion of the trading capital. So, trade with only 2% risk in the trades and it will help you to build strong confidence at trading.

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