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Uber Releases 3 Pro Tips for Users to Become 5 Star Riders

As much as the customer has always been right in marketing terms, it appears Uber has taken into account the frustrations of its own Drivers which has resulted in negative publicity for the company in recent times. Uber has just released a publication that guides users on how they can also become 5 star riders making it easier for drivers to function effectively.

Not hiding its worries, Uber clearly states, “Everyone deserves to have a 5-star trip experience – both riders and drivers. But, sometimes your rating just doesn’t live up to expectations.”

Some attitudes of many Riders leave room for concern: some could be shouting loudly at the Driver; maybe you insisted on blasting Davido songs through your aux cable; leaving food scraps in the passenger seats; and a host of other misdemeanors. The Company will like to remind you that every ride gives you a new opportunity to boost your rating! Reason for the release of these three (3) pro tips;

1. Right place, right time

If your pick-up becomes a game of cat and mouse, your driver is more likely to rate you lower. Do your best to double check that the pin is dropped at your exact location and request from there. Running a few minutes late? Text or call your driver to let them know.

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2. Ready or not, here comes your Uber

Be mindful of your driver’s time – their time is valuable and they have their own errands to attend to. If you’re requesting for a group of friends, gather up your crew before requesting.

3. Respect your ride

Treat your driver’s vehicle like it’s your own. You wouldn’t leave trash in the backseat, right? And you wouldn’t slam the door upon getting out, right? Driver-partners use their own vehicles, so please do your best to ensure that the vehicle is in the same condition when you get out as it was when you got in.

Additional courtesies Uber calls for is being able to treated your Driver as you would want him or her to treat you. Never forget saying hello to them and introduce yourself before getting into the car. This the company believes helps Drivers ensure they’re picking up the right rider so that you can both be on your way!

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9 Startups Accepted into the First Next Health Accelerator with $15K Seed Funding

Next Health Accelerator
image courtesy: Valorigo

Intrepid Entrepreneurs, a non-profit designed to catalyze the power and promise of young people and women to fundamentally advance their societies, recruited nine startups for the inaugural cohort of the Next Health Accelerator.

Female, African entrepreneurs with a minimum viable product (MVP) from 26 countries applied to the program. After a rigorous review process, nine startups from seven countries were selected to begin the program in March 2021. The investor readiness accelerator is six months long and includes $15,000 seed funding, international mentors and partners, business support services, and value chain access.

The Next Health Accelerator’s focus on sexual and reproductive health is founded on the premise that unmet needs for sexual education, menstrual hygiene management, family planning, medication abortion, and STI diagnosis and treatment will be most sustainably delivered by local African enterprises.

Sexual and Reproductive Health issues directly affect 300 million women and girls on the continent and the productivity of the entire continent. For the continent to prosper and support its burgeoning youth population, it must harness the demographic dividend with access to equitable healthcare and economic opportunities. Next Health Accelerator addresses both.

Next Health Accelerator

The 2021 cohort includes:

  • Rocket Health: Provides telemedicine and pharmacy services for SRH needs including convenient lab test retrieval and medication delivery in Uganda
  • Verifie: Delivers STI self-tests and treatment products via doorstep delivery in Ghana
  • Pharmaserve: Specializes in delivering high-quality pharmaceuticals in Nigeria through a fully integrated inventory monitoring system
  • Girls Pride: Provides menstrual hygiene management education and skills training to create reusable pads in The Gambia
  • Pad-Up Creations: Employs over 100 people in Nigeria to produce single-use, chemical-free pads sold in 16 countries
  • Valorigo: Manufacturers single-use sanitary eco-friendly pads made from locally grown bamboo in the Congo
  • The Grace Cup: Delivers SRH education and reusable menstrual cups in Kenya
  • Kosmotive: Provides SRH information and access to SRH self-care products in Rwanda
  • Massira: Delivers SRH information interactively as well as access to SRH services and products through an online community in Ghana 
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Lindsey Simmonds, the Co-founder of Intrepid Entrepreneurs in a press statement said,

“After 15 years in philanthropy, I believe now more than ever that it is women who will solve women’s health challenges and it is Africans who will solve Africa’s development challenges.”

She continued that, development policies made in Washington, D.C. or London need to make room for the power and promise of the youth and women on the African continent. And on this premises, their Next Health Accelerator catalyzes African startups to investor readiness to make scalable, sustainable impact imbued with the commitment and determination that only comes from homegrown ideas.

Visit the to learn more about the Next Health Accelerator 2021.

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